Twist of Fate

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I’m pretty sure I lost my wedding ring last night. We went out for sushi, and I’m almost certain I was wearing it when we left the house, but when we unloaded the groceries we picked up on the way home it was no longer on my finger. It’s possible that I never had it on in the first place—I’m always taking it off to wash my hands or the dishes, or just to get more comfortable while I type—but I’ve looked in all the usual places now, and it hasn’t turned up. Since I can’t imagine not noticing it falling off while I was washing my hands in the restaurant bathroom, my best guess as to what happened is that the ring came off when I took off my gloves on the train to the restaurant, sat in my lap during the ride, and slipped onto the floor as I stood up to exit, stubbornly silent as it went astray.

This is not a terribly big deal (although I was very sad about it last night and Ross had to spend some time reassuring me that he did not feel I had let him down and that we were, in fact, most probably still married in the eyes of the law). When we got married we bought a very inexpensive pair of 14K white gold rings online, so there is no real romance associated in my mind with the purchase of the rings—I just checked, and the ones we picked out are still available on the website if I decide to replace it with the same design (I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do). In all honesty, I was expecting my ring to go missing far sooner than this. I am an inveterate misplacer of objects, and as I said, I am constantly removing it and putting it in random places.

Still, over the past nearly-four-years I had eventually developed a kind of unswerving faith that the smooth, cool hoop was always going to be somewhere when I looked for it. I liked turning it around in my fingers and looking at the inscription on the inside, and I liked how its outer surface was slightly scratched while its inner surface stayed polished and wonderfully glassy. Every time Ross and I left the house for a vacation, or left a hotel room at the end of a vacation, we clinked our rings together to make sure we both had them.

My left hand feels denuded without the ring. I have my engagement ring, which is a trifle of a thing that I think is very pretty, with tiny what-look-like-sapphires-but-are-probably-just-glass stones in it—we got it at an antique store in Cambridge and its origin is unknown. But that is too large for my finger and I never got around to getting it resized.

Well, you know what this means: When I visit Sarah in Nebraska this week, I’m totally going to get hit on by cowboy-booted buckaroos in every country bar we go to now.

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  1. Erica Says:

    I don’t like wearing jewelry and I especially hate wearing rings (they remind me of how big and unfeminine my fingers are), so I worry about ever having to wear one with significance, and what would be the significance of me always taking it off. It’s nice to know that Ross is so understanding.

  2. Sarah Marie Says:

    Argh. I hate losing things. I obsess about it, even though that makes absolutely no difference. I will always be upset about losing two whole rolls of negatives from my first Holga shots somewhere between moving from Boston to Oregon to Nebraska.

    I still hope they are hiding in a closet in JP.

    I’ll saddle up the horses! You can ride El Tornado.

  3. goddessparkle Says:

    Erica, Ross and I are a good match in terms of how much we value objects (not very much). And I have trouble with rings too, because they never sit properly on my finger. I got used to mine, though.

    I just ordered a new ring, even simpler than the old one and about the same price. The inscription will be the same. I’m looking forward to getting it — but it won’t arrive till after I visit you, Sarah, so watch out, cowboys!

    P.S. I used to obsess terribly over losing things, but now I’m so used to it that I just give myself a few minutes to be upset, and then let it go completely. It’s a good skill to have. :-)

  4. Vijay Says:

    I have worn mine (wedding ring that is) on a chain around my neck almost from the start. My excuse is that I have to remove it for some of the things I do at work although I am really afraid I will loose it. Over the years, the ring and chain around my neck has served me
    wonderfully well, from being a prop in my version of tales from LOTR, and other stories as told to children and grandchildren to keeping tabs on how much the children I see have grown in between visits. They stand up and I measure how far up to my ring they have reached. The ring hangs from a gold chain given to me by my mother.(the chain is far too long, and once in a while it gets knotted and I have a difficult time untying it.) As far as I know, my unadorned ring finger has not encouraged anyone to hit on me!
    with love

  5. Megan Says:

    Oh no.. :(

  6. goddessparkle Says:

    Yes, well, Megan, given your response to the story of my wedding-day headache, I’m sure you’re readying a marriage counselor for us as I speak.

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