What am I doing here?

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Totally Candid

I’ve been a frequently absent host here at my own party for a while now, and dropping in to say hello to you all over these past few months I have felt a little more shy every time, trying out my voice just a little to see if it still works and then vanishing before anyone can tug on my shirtsleeve and bid me stay longer.

just watch me

2 Responses to “What am I doing here?”

  1. Megan Says:

    Your voice always sounds good. Now, sit down in that chair and tell me what’s new.

    (Seriously, what’s new? It’s been forever. See you Sat? Email.)

  2. Sarah Marie Says:

    The olde bathroom photo looks so glorious glowy in LARGE.

    And I should’ve brought a non-Polaroid out and about that day we were downtown.

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